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Quality Management

Dongguan Jingmu Mould Plastic Products Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008  &  ISO 14001:2004    &   ISO  13485:2016 certificated mould manufacturer.

This guarantees that our company follows a consistent and highly effective quality system that will meet Your quality expectations.

Our high-tech inspection units’ core competence is to check machined mould components referring to tool 3D designed data, in this way ensuring precision required for Your mold and parts.


Our EDM electrodes are machined on a System 3R machines and prudent inspection is always performed before proceeding with EDM operations.  

Our Quality Assurance: 

 We have implemented QC program to ensure that all our equipment maintains the highest level of accuracy. Our practices are based on our customer's requirements for products that meet their specifications and an on-time delivery.

Our preventive systems allow early detection of possible flaws to implement necessary corrective actions.


Our QC system is well structured to consider individual requirements of Your parts’ complexity connected to overall products’ quality. 


Our goal is to assure that all delivered products, both, in-house manufactured or purchased, meet the quality specifications.


All phases of procurement or in-house manufacturing of components are fully documented.


Our QC Program Highlights: 

Written inspection reports that record dimensions and other of Your specified criteria will be retained on a file for five years. Copies of inspection results will be forwarded to You with each shipment, regardless of the quantity ordered.

-  Document and Data Control - assurance that the most  current data is being used;

- Process Control -insurance that the part is correct the first time and each time thereafter;

- Inspection and Testing - avoidance of a poor quality part being passed on to the next step;

- Inspection of Measuring Instruments and Equipment - assurance that all test and inspection results are correct, uniform and meaningful;

      - Non-conforming Product Control - avoidance of shipments of poor quality parts;

- Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery - insures customer satisfaction from order entry to final delivery.


Our thorough QC has brought us orders from many globally known manufacturers. Due to this, in recent years we have become sub-contracted supplier to many major manufacturers of automotive parts.