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Since its beginning Dongguan Jingmu Mould Plastic Products Ltd. has been committed to strict mould manufacturing culture. Our General Manager Mr. Hu every day promotes that RESPONSIBILITY in every task and this is the key for achieving excellent results. Due to this commitment, essence of our mould manufacturing culture is RESPONSIBILITY.


The mould manufacturing involves many important stages and all these stages must be completed with RESPONSIBILITY to achieve excellent results in mold manufacturing. 

These stages are our key to excellent results:

- Processing Your inquiry before mold manufacturing - one of our RESPONSIBLE key account managers will prudently investigate Your needs to meet Your technical, financial and lead time requirements.

- Our RESPONSIBLE mold designers will offer you the best “Design for Manufacturing” solution and only then proceed with design of Your mold - they will always focus on how You will use this mold, and will pay attention to design a high precision tool that will have a long life. On top of this, the mould design processes are always overlooked by rigorous QC.

Machining of Your mold components will be done by our RESPONSIBLE mould technicians that will strictly follow the required tolerances – this process involves using only the right high grade materials and rigorous machining processes that involve prudent dimensional control during the machining.

- After the machining our RESPONSIBLE CAM team will make sure that Your mold cavities, cores and other mold components are made according to drawings.

- Our RESPONSIBLE mould assembly workshop will assemble only the inspected elements in to Your mold and our RESPONSIBLE mould mass production simulation experts will prudently test Your mold before shipping it to You to be completely sure that Your mould will produce the excellent results that we are committed to deliver. 


Finally, Jingmu Mould is a RESPONSIBLE mould manufacturer, and this makes each member of our organization to strive for excellence by continuously improving capabilities. We believe that RESPONSIBILITY is the way how we value our customers, our families, and community that depend on us.